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Time is the most impartial factor. It is equal to all and it’s for none. No one in this world has more time than anyone else. Everyone is given same amount of time each day regardless of who he or she is. From the Prime Minister to a peon and King to beggar all have same amount of time but different amount of activities. So, we should manage our activities according to time time that is known as “Time Management”...


In present era, people's mind is full of observation and thoughts, some good or some evil but there is lack of peace of mind that makes mind heavy and as a simple fact heavy things cannot have pace. A peaceful mind is the creative mind. It is the best for learning everything properly. It develops the aesthetic sense among the people. So, definitely, peace of mind affects the pace of mind. It provides ...


We shall always endeavor to make your child discover his/her abilities, learn to love labour, to work creatively, to be able to enjoy the ceaseless beauty of the world around and create beauty for others also. Here at M L Convent Karelabagh, we provide a safe and intellectual challenging environment that will enable our students to become innovative, creative problem solver and the best citizen of the...

M L Convent School

M L Convent, Senior Secondary School, Karelabagh, Allahabad is run and managed by the M L Srivastava Society, Allahabad. Under the banner of this society and the able guidance of (Capt.) V. K. Verma, a chain of educational institutions are established at various parts of Allahabad since 1974. M L Convent Karelabagh has got affiliation from C.B.S.E. Board, Delhi in the year 1999. Due to (Capt.) V. K. Verma's dynamic and energetic directions, within a short span it emerged as a one of the best schools in Allahabad and a leading academic institution around Allahabad. His dedication and infinite energy inspired others, motivating them for collective effort. The school provides learning facilities to boys and girls of all caste and creed. English is the medium of instruction. In keeping with the latest trends in the field of Information Technology, the school imparts hi-tech training using computers and other audio visual aids...

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School Address

235P/ 2A, Karelabagh, Allahabad,
Uttar Pradesh, India
Phone: +91-9005406561

Head Office

398/ 9-B, Meerapur, Allahabad,
Uttar Pradesh, India
0532-3244790, 2658058